Identifying Post-Winter Plumbing Problems

Identifying Post-Winter Plumbing Problems

A long, harsh Chicago winter can be rough on your home, and more specifically, your plumbing. Unfortunately, much of the damage caused by sub-zero temperatures and harsh winds often goes unnoticed until spring rolls around and everything begins to thaw.

Instead of waiting until spring, worrying what might happen, it’s wise to proactively pre-schedule a thorough plumbing inspection after a harsh winter.

This list helps you identify the two most common post-winter plumbing problems. If either of these situations applies to you, reach out and schedule your inspection with Flatley’s Plumbing Express!

Leaking and Burst Pipes

One of the most common worries for homeowners during the winter is freezing pipes. Pipes freeze when colder water sits stagnant, freezes, and on some occasions, burst. Burst pipes are a clear plumbing emergency, but sometimes the groundwork for a burst pipe is laid when a small leak starts. A close look and post-winter inspection can help identify leaks before they become a bigger issue.

Sump Pump Problems

As day-to-day life goes on, you’re not often paying attention to the sump pump. It’s generally out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, because of this, any standing water in your sump pump can freeze, and similarly to pipes, as the frozen water expands, you could end up with a costly leak. A post-winter plumbing inspection of your sump pump can prevent a costly flooded basement later on.

Flatley's Is Here To Help!

Colder winter temperatures in the Chicago area can leave a costly, damaging mark on your plumbing that you don’t notice until the problem gets out of hand. To avoid an emergency situation and unexpected stress, schedule your plumbing inspection with Flatley’s Plumbing Express! Our team has the experience to inspect, diagnose, and repair your plumbing problems after the big chill!

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