Why You Need A Sump Pump Battery Backup

We’ve already talked about sump pumps, but if you need a refresher on what they are and what they do, check out our blog post on them specifically. In that post, we briefly mention the importance of a sump pump battery backup, but let’s take a more in-depth look at the important role they play.

What does it do?

A sump pump battery backup helps keep your basement from flooding if your house loses power. But even if the rest of your house has power, the sump pump can become unplugged or a circuit breaker can be tripped. It’s difficult to know when your sump pump is off, especially when sump pumps are placed in less-visible areas of the home.

This is when a sump pump battery backup can save you both a migraine and some money. Not only does the sump pump battery backup help keep this water at bay, many also come with a built-in alarm, which will sound if it requires maintenance or an issue arises. This alarm gives you enough time to address the problem before flooding occurs. Power can be restored and you can avoid a watery disaster.

Even if your sump pump is in tip-top shape, sometimes it simply isn’t enough. All sump pumps have a limited capacity. This can become problematic in heavy storms, even if you don’t lose power. If the original sump pump can’t handle the amount of water, the sump pump battery backup can help keep things under control.

In addition to keeping your basement dry, sump pump battery backups help to keep your foundation intact, prevent fungus, mildew, and mold, and help keep termites and insects away.

Sump pump got you stumped? For help selecting and installing your own sump pump battery backup, contact Flatley’s Plumbing Express. Call us today!

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