Sump Pump Winterization

Your sump pump won’t just cause trouble during summer thunderstorms. It can lead to plenty of plumbing headaches during cold winter months, too. After all, the frigid Chicago winter can do damage to just about anything. Read on to discover how you can make sure you’re ready to take on the longest Chicago season with sump pump winterization.

1) Make sure your sump pump extension hose doesn’t freeze

Some homes have a sump pump extension hose that helps transport water away from the home. While it’s extremely handy during rainy spring and summer months, it will almost certainly freeze once the temperature drops.

Because the extension hose travels outside, the insides will clog with ice. This can lead to flooding in your home. That’s why it’s important to remove it in the winter. Don’t forget to put it back once we’re safely in springtime!

2) Remember that winter temperatures can vary

Let’s face it. You never know what to expect with a Chicago winter. It can dip well below zero one day. Then, the next day it’s sunny and warm. (Well, if you can call 40 degrees warm.)

This extreme shift in temperature can stress out your sump pump. Imagine there’s a ton of snow on the ground one day. When temperatures rise and the snow melts quickly, your sump pump can get overwhelmed.

Because your sump pump removes groundwater accumulation, this rapid increase in groundwater from melted snow can break down old or malfunctioning sump pumps. This leads to flooding in your basement or crawlspace.

That’s why it’s vital to make sure your sump pump is in tip-top shape. If you think you need sump pump repair or TLC, call Flatley’s!

3) Don’t forget about your sump pump battery backup

Here’s the brief reason why sump pump battery backups are necessary. They get to work when you need them most: power outages and main pump failures.

For more information, read our post on why your home needs a backup sump pump & sewer system.

4) Get sump pump winterization services if you’re leaving town

Of course, you should make sure your sump pump is ready to handle the winter when you’re home. It’s even more important if you’re going out of town for a few months!After all, no one wants to return from Florida or Arizona and find a damp, damaged basement.

Our home winterization services include checking up on your sump pump and sump pump repair when necessary.

Need help getting your sump pump ready for winter?

Two words: Call Flatley’s. Our expert plumbing team has years of experience with sump pump repair, sump pump replacement, battery backup, and beyond.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s make sure your sump pump doesn’t ruin it.

Call Flatley's Plumbing Express to schedule your sump pump winterization appointment today!

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