Summer Plumbing Problems and How To Prevent Them

What's not to like about summer? Longer days, warm weather and family outings. When you think of issues your household may run into during the summer, you probably think something along the lines of your AC going out, leaving you to suffer in the heat. You might be prepared for that, but are you ready for summer plumbing problems that can and do commonly arise? Here are some of the more common summer plumbing problems and what you can do to keep your drains clear all summer long!

Sprinkler Issues

A favorite childhood memory for a lot of people is running through the lawn sprinklers on a hot day while the ice cream truck passes by. If you are trying to relieve this nostalgia or your children are creating their own memories, you may have sprinklers embedded in your lawn. As you use them this season you may notice that they are not working as well as they used to, before you throw them out, try giving the heads a good cleaning. This simple trick could give your sprinklers a longer lifespan while saving you money. Just be sure to keep an eye out when you mow the lawn that the sprinklers are not active and their heads are lowered so you don't accidentally damage them!

Sandy Shower Drains

Those day beach trips can be a perfect remedy for a hot day. But what about once you get home and all the sand, pebbles and shells caught in your bathing suits empty into the shower, clogging the drain? You and your kids (and any furry friends!) should rinse off at the beach's public showers and take swimsuits off before even getting in the car. Keep an eye on the drain cover, removing any bits that may have tracked in from outside.

Blocked Toilets

Summer also means school vacation, which means that children will be taking even more trips (and maybe a little too much toilet paper) into the bathroom. Remind your kids what can and can not be flushed down the toilet! Keep a plunger on hand for the small blockages and Flatley's number on hand for some of the bigger emergencies!

Washing Machine Overload

Summer can put a strain on your bank account and washing machine. Those extra loads just means that your washing machine has to work that much harder. Be sure to stick to small loads to avoid any blockages that can lead to overflows and regularly check the hoses for any leaks or kinks. Tip: If you move your washing machine out from the wall slightly it can reduce the risk of it overheating!

Don't let plumbing problems ruin you or your family's summer, keep these tips in mind as a bit of attention and maintenance can prevent any problems from stressing you out. If you do run into any issues you can rest assure that Flatley's Plumbing Express will be here for you all summer long...and after!

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