4 Spooky Plumbing Nightmares You Can Avoid

It’s not just the season of Pumpkin Spice. It’s the season of spooky. Whether you love watching scary movies or you prefer passing out candy to adorable trick-or-treaters, the Halloween season is a fun one. But even if haunted houses are a thrill to visit, you don’t want to live in one. That’s why Flatley’s is here to walk you through the possible plumbing nightmares your home could face this season. Read our advice and save the spooky for the movies, not your plumbing system.

1) Keep pumpkins in pie, not your garbage disposal

Who doesn’t love going to a pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect one? It’s one of the best things about fall. But when you’re preparing to cook with a pumpkin or you’re gutting it to carve a festive jack-o-lantern, beware of tossing the pumpkin seeds and innards in your garbage disposal.

The stringy insides will clog and perhaps even damage the disposal. This will lead to a malfunctioning garbage disposal that causes smelly backups and slow drains. What horror!

2) The rule above applies to apples, too

Just like pumpkins, apples are central to fall. With apple picking, apple pie, and, if you’re adventurous, bobbing for apples, there are sure to be a lot of apple cores in your house. Again, just like pumpkins, you’re in for a fright if you put them down the garbage disposal.

Apple cores are a major clog hazard. Why not be green and compost them instead?

3) Don’t let rattling pipes give you plumbing nightmares

We don’t blame you if the sound of rattling pipes creeps you out. After all, your imagination can run wild—maybe it’s a poltergeist!—but don’t fret.

The sound the pipes are making is typically caused by high water pressure or loose pipes that need to be secured. The rattling noise is a good warning sign that gives you a heads up so that you can get a professional plumber in to investigate. That way, the issue will be resolved before your pipes turn into a real American horror story.

4) Dripping faucets aren’t so scary

While the ominous drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet may be the stuff of scary movies, don’t get spooked. What’s truly scary is how a dripping faucet can ramp up your water bill.

Just like a constantly running toilet, the noise a leaky faucet makes means that it’s time to check it out. Call Flatley’s and we’ll get rid of that nightmare in a pinch.

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