Plumbing Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Who doesn’t love summer? How could there be anything wrong with late sunsets, days at the beach, and cookouts with friends? Unfortunately, sometimes summer fun can lead to summer plumbing disasters. And no, we’re not just talking about that time that your kids left the sprinkler running all night.

Here are some common potential summer plumbing disasters you might encounter—and how you can avoid them:

1) A clogged garbage disposal

With barbecues, graduation parties, and potlucks galore, summer is a fantastic social season. However, all of those ribs, greasy plates, and corn on the cob can turn into a garbage disposal nightmare if you don’t treat your disposal properly.

Here’s a short list of items you should never put down your garbage disposal: stringy foods like those pesky cornhusks and potato peels, grease, oil, eggshells, pasta, beans, rice, and animal bones.

If you notice a foul smell or slow draining water, your garbage disposal is probably clogged. Don’t let it get worse! Get a handy plumber into nip the problem in the bud.

2) A leaking sprinkler

In Chicago, so much of the year involves freezing temperatures and, of course, snow. Suffice it to say, using sprinklers on your lawn is not an option. That makes it oh-so-easy to neglect your sprinkler system for months.

But if left unchecked, your sprinkler could have been subjected to damage that leads to leaks. Then, in the summer when you use the sprinkler to water your lawn with an unnoticed leak, you’re in trouble.

Not only does a sprinkler leak lead to water-logged plants, but it could mean a sky-high water bill. That’s something no one wants ever, but especially in the summer when water bills typically rise due to increased usage of showers, dishwashers, and washing machines.

To avoid this issue, be sure to protect your sprinklers during the winter months and check up on them when the weather warms up.
If you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to contact your plumber.

3) A clogged toilet

As if a clogged garbage disposal isn’t enough, a clogged toilet can be more common during the summer months. This is thanks to increased traffic from summer parties and the presence of school-aged kids at home during the day.

If you have a finicky toilet, be sure to let guests know how to take care of it. Also be sure to make sure your kids know not to use the entire toilet paper roll and not to flush diapers, wipes, or other items that will surely lead to a clog.

4) A backed-up sewer

Summer showers don’t just bring rainbows; they can also bring the headache of a backed-up sewer line. Increased rainfall plus growing tree roots is a bad combo since tree roots will naturally grow towards the water in cracked sewer pipes.

Learn more about the damage that tree roots can do to sewer lines here. To avoid a majorly expensive sewer line issue, get an annual drain cleaning and video inspection from an experienced plumber.

Worried you might be dealing with one of these summer plumbing disasters?

If you’re concerned you might have a clogged garbage disposal or a leaking sprinkler on hand, don’t hesitate to call the plumbing experts at Flatley’s Plumbing Express.

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