How To: Removing Rust Stains From Toilets

Removing Rust Stains from Toilets. It may be tempting to use bleach to remove the unsightly rust stains from your toilet. Those orange streaks aren’t a welcome sight but using the wrong cleansers will worsen it. According to the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI), using bleach and ammonia on rust will make the stain set, making it extremely difficult to remove.

So, how do you remove rust stains from toilet fixtures? Before you figure out the options, you should first address the causes.

Rust Stains in Toilet: Where Do They Come From?

The smooth white surface of your toilet displays fine porcelain quality. Today, many bathrooms are made from that material or some other such as plastic or concrete. So, where did those rust streaks come from? It comes from the water you use to flush your toilet. It’s quite likely that the water contains a lot of iron particulates from rusty pipes, water tanks, and other metal components in your plumbing system. Rust can also leak into the bowl from metal components in the tank.

It means even after cleaning the rust stains, there’s a good chance that they’ll come back. One long-term solution is to install a filtration system or a water softening system to get rid of rust particles in the water. In addition, regularly cleaning metal components in your toilet helps remove rust stains from toilet parts and fixtures.

How to Remove Rust Stains from Toilet

Rust usually builds up over time, which means by the time you see the streaks on your porcelain surfaces, you know that the problem is worse than you thought. You may even see the build-up not only in your toilet but in other surfaces as well, like your washbasins and sinks.

You should also take care when scrubbing or removing the stains. Pads and other abrasive material can damage porcelain surfaces. If that happens, rust stains in toilet parts can quickly build up again on the scratched surfaces.

So, how to remove rust stains from toilet parts safely and permanently? Consider the following options:

Commercial Rust Removers: You can purchase commercial rust removers online or in brick and mortar shops. They work pretty well since they’re designed for this very purpose. However, some contain more harsh chemicals than others, so read labels carefully.

Gentle Abrasives: Pumice sticks, cream of tartar powder, baking soda, and other mild abrasives work well to remove rust stains from toilet parts. Just apply them to the affected porcelain surface and add a little bit of water. Rub the mixture against the rust stain until it’s removed.
White Vinegar: Distilled white vinegar also works well as a rust remover. You can use it for your regular scheduled cleaning. Apply it on toilet bowls, tubs, sinks, and shower walls. You only need one to two cups of this acetic acid for your routine toilet cleaning. Scrub the rusted surface and rinse off.
Citric Acid: You can squeeze lemons, grapefruits, or lime and apply the extract to the rust-stained parts of your toilet. For tougher stains, make a paste from baking soda and lemon juice and use it to clean away the stain.
Borax Powder: This powder may not be readily available in some places. Sprinkle the powder on the affected area, add water, scrub and then rinse.
Scouring Cleansers: These cleaning products are effective against rust and mineral deposits that build up on porcelain surfaces.
Shaw Pads: If you don’t like using chemicals to remove rust stains, these are your next best DIY solution. Put on your gloves, hold on to the handle and scrub away. Again, be careful not to overdo it, or else you damage the toilet surfaces, which can become breeding grounds for bacteria and rust build-up.

Preventing Rust Stains from Coming Back

Preventing buildup is just as important as learning how to remove rust stains from toilet parts. Here are some more tips that might help you:

Store air fresheners, shaving creams, hair sprays, and other cans in a cabinet, not on ceramic or porcelain surfaces.
Clean your toilet at least once a week.
Fix all plumbing problems ASAP – replace water filters too.
Replace old steel pipes with PVC to prevent rust in the water.
Install a water softener or a water filter in your plumbing if you don’t have one

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