How to Avoid Plumbing Problems this Festive Season

The season of festivities is a season for family reunions, delicious food, fond memories, and sadly sometimes, plumbing issues. Everything is lovely until someone blocks the downstairs toilet. So in order to avoid these pesky plumbing problems, we’ve got some tips and tricks to share with you.

Not everything about the Christmas season is appropriate for a Christmas card, but this is where we step in to rescue the day. Use these plumbing recommendations from the specialists at Flatley's Plumbing to guarantee that your holiday celebrations go on without a hitch.

Early Warning Signs That You Have Damaged Pipes

There's nothing worse than a clogged sewer, especially when you're having a holiday party. The sooner you notice a plumbing blockage, the easier and less expensive it is to clear it! The top three indicators that you may have a plumbing blockage are listed below.

Bad Smell

A foul odor emanating from your toilet, shower, kitchen sink, or bathroom is the first indicator that you have a drainage issue. It's a good decision to have them examined if the odor has been present for a long time.

Slow to Drain Sinks

When you turn off the water in your bathtub, toilet, shower, or sink, does it take a long time to drain? This indicates the presence of a partial obstruction further down the line and it’s worth investigating to avoid a bigger issue.

Gurgling Sounds

Something is keeping the water from flowing freely whenever your drains create a sucking or gurgling noise. So at the first sign of a gurgling or sucking noise, it would be a good idea to call in a plumber.

Avoiding Festive Plumbing Problems

Address Any Plumbing Issues You're Aware of as Soon as Possible

Contact a plumbing company before your calendar becomes any busier. Things like a clogged toilet, a sluggish sink drain, or a difficult-to-turn-off faucet won't get any better with visitors in the house. As more individuals use your home's plumbing, the problem will almost certainly worsen.

Give The Water System a Rest

With more people in your home, you'll need to take more showers than usual. Give the water system rest between showers if you have visitors visiting over the holidays. It should just take 15 minutes!

Check Your Water Heater

It's likely that your water heating hasn't been serviced in a long time. Your water heater may be overworked with dishes soaked in the kitchen, the dishwasher operating at full capacity considerably more than usual, heavy laundry, and more people using showers and sinks. With some periodic water heater maintenance, you can ensure that it, too, has a pleasant holiday.

If you can't recall when your water heater was last serviced, it's time to get proactive before the extended family comes.

Reduce The Amount of Trash You Dump Down the Waste Disposal

Some things are terrible for your waste disposal. Bones are among the worst offenders, and they can cause problems with your garbage disposal. It's also difficult to grind lettuce, coffee grounds, and eggshells. Instead of throwing these things down the garbage disposal, place them in the trash can.

Be Mindful of the Kitchen Sink

Grease should not be poured down the drain since it might develop blockages and prevent the sink from draining. Oil and grease can solidify and become difficult to remove from your pipes. The easiest approach to avoid oil blockages in the sink is to prevent them.

Ensure that you properly dispose of the leftovers to avoid these holiday plumbing problems. Furthermore, have a sink strainer fitted to capture any residual leftover food after you've swept your leftovers into the trash can.

Make A Rule That "Only Toilet Paper" Is Allowed

Toilet clogs are among the most common holiday plumbing problems, and they're frequently caused by items that shouldn't be flushed (e.g., everything that's not waste or toilet paper). Pads, paper towels, cotton balls, and cleaning wipes are some of the most common causes of toilet clogs, so if you're expecting overnight visitors, there's a possibility they won't obey the "toilet paper only" guideline.

With that in mind, try putting up a sign advising your visitors that they shouldn't flush anything except toilet paper — and ensure you have a large enough waste bin for them to dispose of non-flushable items properly!

Contact Us During the Festivities to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Despite your best efforts, we know you can't always anticipate every plumbing issue that may occur when your guests are around. Call Flatley's Plumbing if your hot water heating isn't keeping up or your plumbing system isn't working properly. We are efficient, polite, and capable of resolving your holiday plumbing problems so you can continue enjoying the season’s festivities!

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