Home Flooding Preparation & Restoration

Here in the Chicagoland area, we’re no strangers to flooding. Whether it happens in your basement or in a different part of your house, flooding can be a major inconvenience and disruption to your home life. As a home or business owner, it’s important that you know the signs of leaks and flooding, as well as how to deal with them if they occur in your home. No matter the situation, Flatley’s Plumbing Express is ready to help.

Common Causes of Flooding

Before any water damage happens in your home or property, you should know the most common causes. Awareness can help you avoid any unfortunate or potentially dangerous situations in the future. The most common causes of basement or home flooding are:

  • Increase in rain or snowmelt
  • Leaks in your pipes or plumbing
  • Damaged, cracked or broken pipes
  • Toilet clogs and system backups
  • Trapped or pooled moisture
  • Foundation cracks
  • Leaky appliances

As winter comes to an end, snowmelt increases the chances for additional water. In addition, spring rainfall adds to the likelihood of flooding. Watch out for signs of leaks or damage, and if you find any water present where it shouldn’t be, call Flatley’s Plumbing Express.

Flooding Restoration

Any sort of flooding, large or small scale, can cause damage to your home. Flooding in your home or basement can lead to serious damage, ruined belongings, and even health hazards for you and your family. If any water is left standing, mold growth can happen very quickly. At the first sign of any water present, you should call Flatley’s Plumbing Express.
Because flooding happens frequently in this area, Flatley’s Plumbing professionals are ready to help you with your restoration needs. We realize that this can be a stressful time for you and your family, so our goal is to deliver fast service that keeps you safe and comfortable. When a Flatley’s Plumbing Express professional arrives at your home, here’s what you can expect them to do:

  • Check the scale of damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, you will need to weigh out your options as far as restoration or replacement.
  • Check the scale of contamination. Any mold or mildew growth is a serious problem and will need to be dealt with.
  • Set pricing. Do you need restoration or replacement? Depending on the damage assessment, your Flatley’s expert will go over your options with you. From there, they will provide you with a detailed plan that best suits your home needs and budget.

Sump Pump

If your home is prone to flooding, you should seriously consider a sump pump installation. A sump pump safely and effectively removes groundwater accumulation underneath your home and pushes it back outside. Typically installed in a basement or crawlspace, sump pumps are an extremely beneficial addition to homes that are at risk. Because they run on electricity, you may want to consider a battery backup, so you continue to be protected in the event of an outage.

Flooding can be a home emergency, so you should always be prepared Showers are in the forecast for this weekend – will you be prepared? Call Flatley’s Plumbing Express with any questions or concerns about flooding or sump pumps!

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