Backup Sump Pump & Sewer System

Stormy days can be cozy. You can splash in puddles, curl up inside with a good book, or, if you’re lucky, maybe even catch a glimpse of a rainbow. But stormy days also have a dark side—and it’s not just dark rainclouds. When a particularly bad storm rolls in, your sump pump and sewer line could be vulnerable to flooding. Chicago receives an average of 9.56 inches of precipitation in the spring and 12.05 inches in the summer. However, the seasons can surprise you. In April of 2013 alone, Chicago received 8.54 inches of rain. Who knows when the next storm of the century will hit? It’s best to be prepared with a backup sump pump, a sump pump battery backup, and even a sewer backup prevention system on hand. Learn more about how you can protect your home from costly flooding damage and repairs below.

First, what’s a sump pump?

Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. If you’re wondering, “what is a sump pump?” but you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends, don’t worry. Flatley’s is coming to the rescue. A sump pump is typically installed in a home’s basement or crawl space and is intended to protect these areas from water damage, as they are more vulnerable to flooding.

When a sump pump is installed, water from rainfall is directed into the sump basin. Then, once the water in the basin fills up to a certain level, the pump pushes the water outside and away from the house. It’s incredibly helpful for homes that are prone to flooding, as the sump pump can prevent a lot of expensive water damage. In addition to preventing flooding, sump pumps protect against sewer damage and reduce humidity, mold, and mildew in your basement or crawl space.

Why do I need both a backup sump pump & a sump pump battery backup?

A backup sump pump is a secondary pump that kicks in if there is so much water coming in that the first pump gets overwhelmed. This could be beneficial if you’ve experienced a lot of flooding or heavy rainfall, or if the water table is above your home’s foundation.

Meanwhile, a battery backup for your sump pump serves another purpose. During bad storms, heavy rainfall and power outages go hand-in-hand. This is bad news for your sump pump, as power outages are one of the most common reasons for sump pump failure. If your main sump pump’s battery fails, a sump pump battery backup comes in to save the day—and your basement.

This emergency backup sump pump battery will be charged and ready to kick in if the power goes out in your home. It’s recommended to change your backup sump pump battery every 2-3 years and to run it every so often to ensure that it’s in good working condition.

What does a sewer backup prevention system do?

When record-breaking Chicago rainstorms hit, the municipal sanitary sewers can get flooded. This means that water can be pushed back up through the main sewer line into your home’s plumbing system. This problem is unsanitary, dangerous, and stressful.

If you have a professional install a sewer backup prevention system, you can protect your home against this headache. An expert plumber can install a double or triple valve system outside your home, typically in the front lawn. The valves are installed in the sewer line entering your home. The valves detect when there is a water backup issue forming and they will close up accordingly. That way, your home’s plumbing system is defended against any sewer water intruding in your basement or plumbing fixtures.

Sewer backup systems can also include a pump and a basin, which allows you to continue using your home’s plumbing system even when the municipal sewers are backed up.

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Even if you install a sewer backup prevention system and your basement has both a backup sump pump and a sump pump battery backup, nature can still come out on top. While preparing your home with these defenses is always the best move, you can still face flooding issues. If you need emergency plumbing assistance, Flatley’s offers emergency 24/7 help, 365 days a year. Our team is here for your home when you need us the most.

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