5 Preventative Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Warm, sunny summer days are here! The rising temperatures in the Chicagoland area often lead to increased water usage, both outdoors and indoors. On average, most household water bills increase up to 50% in the summer months. To avoid increased utility bills and plumbing problems caused by excessive usage, follow these 5 preventative maintenance tips from Flatley’s Plumbing Express.

1. Be mindful of what you put down the kitchen disposal.

Most in-sink aerators have a difficult time processing very fibrous food like celery or banana peels and can lead to sudden plumbing problems. Avoid disposing of fats and oils in your disposal because they can cause stubborn clogs in your pipes. The same goes for cornhusks and eggshells; It’s best to not let them go down the drain. If a food waste does go down the drain, the experts at Flatley’s Plumbing Express can inspect to ensure your in-sink aerator isn’t going to run into a problem in the future.

2. Know the age of your water heater to prevent unforeseen repairs or replacement costs.

Most water heaters last around 10 years. If you’re unsure the age of your water heater, the team at Flatley’s can come to inspect for any potential problems that may arise, and help avoid unexpected costs down the road!

3. Think ahead.

For preventative maintenance, schedule a sewer line inspection at the start of summer, especially if there have been recent rains. Tree roots naturally grow toward a leaking sewer line in search of water and can be a common culprit for cracks in your home plumbing system.

4. Upgrade older fixtures.

With increased usage comes the opportunity to save more and upgrade to efficient systems. Consider replacing a few of your older fixtures such as toilets more energy-efficient alternatives.

5. Regular Maintenance.

Regularly scheduled plumbing inspections are the best way to proactively protect your plumbing system. The team at Flatley’s Plumbing Express team is here to ensure your home’s plumbing system stays in working order and problem-free. We’re expertly trained to inspect (and repair) your plumbing appliances and fixtures, monitor your sewer system and safeguard your drains.

For more plumbing tips or preventative maintenance, schedule a visit from one of the friendly technicians from Flatley’s Plumbing Express.

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