The 3 Winter Sewer Problems You Need to Know Now

While winter can be the most wonderful time of the year, a major sewer problem can ruin the season for you. Even if the weather has turned colder, that doesn’t mean you won’t face any sewer issues. In fact, winter can aggravate some sewer problems.

Discover the 3 common winter sewer problems below. If you’re worried you might be facing one, don’t worry. Flatley’s Plumbing Express has years of experience with sewer repair and replacement.

1) Tree roots can still cause trouble

If you think tree roots are only a problem during warmer months, think again. Tree roots still grow in the winter; they actually tend to dig deeper in the ground to find moisture.

While tree roots love sewer lines, no one loves tree roots in their sewer lines—especially in the winter. Sewer line bursts can be more common in colder months since water is more likely to freeze.

2) Cold weather can make sewer odor worse

Who doesn’t hate that rotten egg sewer smell? Sorry to break it to you, but winter can make sewer odor worse. Cold weather causes downdrafts that bring a foul odor to your attention. Plus, a frozen septic tank is more common.

3) Frozen sewer vents are bad news

If your sewer vents freeze, this can lead to sewer gas backup. This is harmful to your family’s health; you could experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, or drowsiness.

A gurgling or slowly flushing toilet is a sign that your sewer vent stack is closed off. It’s important to get a plumber to check this out immediately so you don’t suffer from sewer gas backup.

To prevent a frozen vent stack, your sewer vents need to be insulated.

If you live in a newer home, you should still check to see if the sewer vent is properly insulated. New homes can actually have more trouble with frozen vent stacks, as newer piping won’t conduct heat as well as older homes with iron.

Think your sewer system needs some winter TLC? Call Flatley’s!

If you notice a nasty sewer smell, a gurgling toilet, or other tell-tale sewer problem signs, don’t hesitate. Our expert plumbers are here for you.

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