3 Tips To Protect Your Home From Flooding

Spring showers may happily bring beautiful flowers, but they also come with an unwelcome guest: flooding. Don’t let your home suffer from the costly and stressful flooding headache.

Turn over a new leaf instead. Flatley’s is here to help. Read on to learn 3 easy ways you can help protect your home from flooding this season, and how our team can provide you with the necessary flooding prevention support.

1) Invest in a Battery Powered Sump Pump

A sump pump is a very effective way to prevent flooding in your home, but you might be wondering what exactly a sump pump is.

A sump pump is a device normally installed in the lowest part of a house, like a basement, where water can get to easily. During heavy rainfall, water is redirected from your house to the sump basin, where it is then pumped out to a discharge location, hence “sump pump.”

Sump pumps can be an excellent defense against flooding, as they remove water from your home, but are often powered by electricity. This can be a problem in a power outage, a common side effect of a heavy rain storm and flooding.

To ensure the success of your sump pump when you need it most, make sure to purchase and install a battery-powered sump pump. Not sure how to install your sump pump or not sure if yours is working? Check out our sump pump services and give us a call to make sure your sump pump is in top shape to prevent flooding.

2) Prevent Sewer Backup

To prevent waste backup into your home, install check valves on your sewer, which allow waste to flow only one way. This valve system can be installed right outside of your home, typically in the front lawn.

The valves can detect when there is a water backup issue and will close on your sewer line in response. This defends the plumbing system in your home against any intruding sewer water, which can flood your home. Additionally, these valves should be installed at a point in the pipe that’s easy to access for repair, should anything go wrong.

Need help installing these check valves on your sewer line? No problem! Flatley’s Plumbing Express offers sewer repair, replacement, and maintenance to get your sewer line in your home prepared and protected in case of flooding.

3) Emergency Plumbing Services are Necessary

The most difficult and frustrating aspect of flooding is its inherent unpredictability. While heavy rains make it easier for flooding to occur, flooding can happen at any time, giving you an unnecessary and potentially expensive nuisance.

To best protect yourself against the unpredictable nature of flooding, you need to be assisted 24/7 by experts who can help you with all your plumbing needs. In the case of a flooding emergency, no matter the day or the time, you have a group of plumbing experts who can always come and help you.

We understand the importance of immediate plumbing assistance and are proud to provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services to our valued customers in the Chicago area. Having trusted 24/7 emergency plumbing services give you added security in the case of sudden, unexpected flooding.

Flooding Issues? Call Flatley’s Plumbing Express!

Not sure if your home is ready to face impending storms? Call Flatley’s Plumbing Express today!

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